Meet My Spokesrabbit

Grey Netherland-Dwarf rabbit wearing a fancy black hat with silver trim

Hi! My name is Bubba Pee Wee Sawyer! (My human named me after Leatherface ;)) Um... where was I? Introducing myself, right! Sorry I have a really short attention span! My human tells me that I am a part-time electrician, carpenter, furniture remodeler, hair stylist- basically I'm just really talented! My favorite things including licking my human's ear drums clean, giving lots of love and kisses, being a spoiled princess, eating all of my litter boxes, chewing up Christmas decorations, and being cute! Remind me to put these skills on my resume as I apply for my new and upcoming job: bamboo dessert stick eater. If you get a chance, leave my human a friendly review and follow us on Instagram at @deathlygoodwears :) Thanks!


Grey Netherland-Dwarf rabbit wearing a striped red and white hat next to skeleton wearing pride flag banner